Black Hole Subsonic was started with the goals to create a quiet, enjoyable shooting experience that is affordable, extremely dependable and well balanced for all shooters. We started with a blank slate and demanded our engineers create something new and exciting, and screw on suppressors were not allowed in the design. To say the least they were not happy but we challenged them to use the newest materials available that are lighter but stronger.


The design had to accommodate both civilians and government usage but made with American materials and handcrafted by proud hardworking Americans. The AR’s upper had to marry to existing AR lowers and must shoot and cycle affordable range loads to heavy weight hunting ammunition.

The .22 LR suppressor barrel system was designed using the same criteria but lighter weight was essential. Our silenced barrels for the .22 LR are incredibly light for backpacking into your favorite secluded camp site, but will draw quite a crowd on the range. The timeless stainless and carbon fiber suppressed barrels are a sight to behold and we believe are whisper quiet.

The next mountain we started climbing was creating the perfect ammunition to complete the Black Hole Subsonic System of shooting. We have reached the base camp with the first few rounds developed but the climb will never be over. Black Hole Subsonic will continue to push the limits with ammunition design in creating the perfect subsonic shooting experience. Thanks for stopping by but please come back, the adventure has just begun.

 -The Black Hole Subsonic Team


Located outside of Atlanta, GA

For additional information please fill out the form or email info@blackholesubsonic.com



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